Friday, 26 April 2019

The United Kingdom of Song #28: Peterborough

We arrive in the Cambridgeshire city of Peterborough this week, birthplace of Erasure's Andy Bell, Maxim Reality & Gizz Butt from The Prodigy, and Ashton Merrygold from JLS. Me neither.

Not to be confused with the Canadian Peterborough, which both the Barenaked Ladies and Moxy Früvous sang about.

One of my favourite Sheffield bands, The Long Blondes, wrote the following tune about Peterborough, which is never very far, they tell us, although they do conclude "I'd rather be in Sheffield than Peterborough".


  1. I could be wrong but I think that Jez has Peterborough connections

  2. One of the few opportunities I get to tell anyone who'll listen how good this is. No, it really is. She nicked it from the System, but, hey, a great tune is a great tune.


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