Saturday 30 September 2023

Saturday Snapshots #312

Let's be Frank... sometimes you feel like a bit of a Munster on a Saturday morning, so I really appreciate you dragging yourself to your phone or computer screen to stare at these ten photographs, identify the artists, and work out what might connect their songs. Herman does too.

10. Shot in Sarajevo. 

9. You're on your own in court.

8. Clocking off time.

7. What time is it, Mr. McGoohan?

6. Found confused in a nerd alley.

5. A wee insect.

4. This is a fiery Topic.

3. Stars of the small screen.

2. Ask Rik when he's got himself back together.

1. Hedge and Thicket.

Answers tomorrow morning.


  1. Morning!
    10 Franz Ferdinand
    9 Lone Justice

  2. 2. Nik Kershaw
    4. Hot Chocolate
    5. Midge Ure

  3. Hello England, Zagreb calling. Here are the results of the Croatian jury.

    4. Hot Chocolate
    6. Lana Del Rey
    7. Patrick Wolf

  4. 9 Lone Justice
    4 Hot Chocolate

  5. 1 Kate Bush in a lovely hat (quite a few hats this morning)

  6. Taking at stab at it now - are there some classic novels involved? (Ulysses / Emma / The Grapes Of Wrath)?

    1. Thanks Rol. The daft thing is that I started to twig it with the Hot Chocolate and Franz Ferdinand titles and then sat there puzzling to myself what the Kate Bush one could be... D'uh.

    2. Sometimes that's the way our brain works. We can't see the obvious answers staring us in the face.

    3. Yes, definitely. I once queried what the 'Q' stood for on one of those illuminated electronic signs above the motorway, I just couldn't think what it might mean.

  7. Camera Obscura at number 3?


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