Saturday 9 December 2023

Saturday Snapshots #322

You may not be able to keep up with the Kardashians on a Saturday morning - you probably don't even want to - but hopefully you can keep up with Snapshots. There's been a little mild grumbling of late that this quiz isn't as easy as it used to be... and there's a couple of reasons for that. One is my continued desire to feature artists that haven't appeared here before. But mainly it's that you guys are just too damned good, and if I don't strive to find a good mix of well known and more obscure acts, you solve Snapshots in about five minutes. And then what would you do with the rest of your Saturday morning?

Here are ten artists, of whom only four have appeared on Snapshots previously. But what connects their songs?

10. Posh London hotel in Mick's Sugar.

9. Dan dares to fight them.

8. Tearful Trout.

7. Gets her gun, then puts it in a small enclosure affording privacy for one person at a time.

6. The Black Hole, Jackie Brown, Breaking Bad.

5. American parade in black & white, with fluctuating weight bloke (not pictured).

4. Magnificent mammals.

3. Poe's first musical group got smuggled aboard.

2. Milk, butter, marzipan.

1. Our Sat quiz: always here to turn you around.

Answers tomorrow!


  1. 1. Suzi Quatro

  2. 2. Marc Almond

  3. 4 Is it Super Furry Animals?

  4. 10. Savoy Brown
    5. Macy Gray, possibly with Fatboy Slim (or Luther Vandross - now there was a man who knew how to fluctuate)

  5. Was just about to go for an attempt at the link but see Ernie got there first - Demons. The Macy Gray Fatboy Slim answer gave it away along with Suzi's Daytona Demon.

    1. Suzi + Edgar Broughton was the basis of my guess

    2. Once again congrats to Ernie - and to Alyson just pipped to the post.

  6. Anyone else notice that the person on the right of the Mekons snapshot is a Brian Connolly from Sweet doppleganger.

  7. I"ve got it!! Its Demons Macy Gray and Super Furry...oh bugger...must get up earlier....swc.


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