Sunday 3 December 2023

Snapshots #321: A Top Fifteen Presidential Songs

While America prepares to re-elect the riot-inciting, bleach-advocating man baby (not that we can talk, considering they brought Cameron back), here are fifteen songs that mention a former POTUS in the title. But before we get to that... here's Poet Laureate Simon Armitage giving his verdict on the Trump regime...

15. Miller makes a Turkish Delight.

Frys make Turkish Delight, with Glenn Miller.

Glenn Frey - He Took Advantage (Blues For Ronald Reagan)

14. Heroic railroad engineer.

Casey Jones is that brave engineer, as Johnny tells us here.

Kacey Jones - Donald Trump's Hair

13. Berry knows the future.

Chuck is a prophet.

Chuck Prophet - Nixonland

(Chuck also did a song about Trump. Of course he did.)

12. Met Frankenstein with a monk.

Lou Costello met Frankenstein with Bud Abbott.

Elvis Costello - Eisenhower Blues

11. Charity begins a long time in the past.

Charity Chic, a long time ago.

Chicago - Harry Truman

10. Tasteless restaurant.

9. Shaky Oh + Frozen Queen + Panama + Pasture + Trois.

Shaky sang Oh Julie. Anna was the Queen in Frozen. A panama is a hat. A pasture is a field. Trois is 3.

8. He's searching for Curtis and Brown.

He's an Ian Hunter!

7. Blockbuster movie, filled with stunts.

Sounds like an action spectacular to me...

6. Buffalo Bill is in charge of misplaced UFOs.

Buffalo Bill Cody is in command of lost planet airmen.

5. Max, not top... 


I'll throw this one in too as it only has 6 views on youtube, but it deserves more...

4. Nancy's town.

Nancy Sinatra sang about Sugar Town.

3. Inane Emma is really confused.

Inane Emma is an anagram of the divine...

2. That time Johnny thought of replacing Stephen with number 15.

An Eagle joining the Smiths!?!

1. Nuptials now!

The Wedding Present - Kennedy

Don't have too much apple pie for your Sunday dinner. Join us again next Saturday for more Snapshots.


  1. I should have got Chuck Prophet. Thanks Mr Rol.

    1. I should have been here 24 hours ago!

      And welcome back, Alyson, it’s lovely to see you!

    2. Thanks - I didn’t get many of these yesterday but great to be able to take part again.


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