Sunday 10 December 2023

Snapshots #322: A Top Ten Demon Songs

Hopefully you weren't possessed by the puzzle of yesterday's Snapshots. If you were, allow me to exorcise those demons...

10. Posh London hotel in Mick's Sugar.

Mick sang about Brown Sugar. The posh hotel is the Savoy.

Savoy Brown - Denim Demon

9. Dan dares to fight them.

Dan Dare fought the Mekon.

The Mekons - Calling All Demons


The Mekons - Demon Horns

8. Tearful Trout.

An Emotional Fish - That Demon Jive

7. Gets her gun, then puts it in a small enclosure affording privacy for one person at a time.

Annie gets her gun and takes it to a booth.

Annie Booth - Demons

6. The Black Hole, Jackie Brown, Breaking Bad.

Three films / TV shows that featured performances by the American actor Robert Forster. This is his namesake from the Go Betweens...

Robert Forster - Demon Days

5. American parade in black & white, with fluctuating weight bloke (not pictured).

The Macy's Parade goes Gray, with a slim fatboy.

Fatboy Slim featuring Macy Gray - Demons

4. Magnificent mammals.

Super Furry Animals - Demons

3. Poe's first musical group got smuggled aboard.

The band belonging to Edgar Allen Poe gets brought on board.

Edgar Broughton Band - Out, Demons, Out

A Top 40 hit (just!) in 1970.

2. Milk, butter, marzipan.

All can be made from Almonds.

Marc Almond - Demon Lover

1. Our Sat quiz: always here to turn you around.

"Our Sat quiz" was an anagram for...

Suzi Quatro - Daytona Demon

Be a demon and join me again next Saturday...


  1. Thanks Mr Rol. Would never have got that Robert Forster one.

    1. I actually thought someone would recognise the picture.


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