Saturday, 24 July 2021

Saturday Snapshots #199

Sam was talking to his mates at the last Saturday morning football before the summer break...

"David Beckham is still alive, you know..."

"He must be like a hundred, a hundred and fifty..."

"He's younger than daddy," I pointed out.

"Well, how was he playing in the 60s and 70s then?"

I'll let those who know more about football than I do answer than one. In the meantime, here are ten clues to ten artists. Work out the connection between their songs... 

10. ...little star.

9. A scandal, or distorted representation... mostly.

8. We all need a little of it...

7. He went To Motor Vehicle Engineering Kollege.

6. Hey, hey, they're freezing!

5. Where Long Johnny Cash might have recorded.

4. Relatively pretty.

3. Bobby was blue when he heard Paul was going.

2. Club Pacific.

1. Inert sex during hymns.

Bend it back to the answers tomorrow morning.


  1. 10 Twinkle
    4 Handsome Family

    As the Handsomest feature the link is probably death!

  2. Replies
    1. I can see a link in common with my two answers but will leave the guessing to others this week.

  3. 3. has a look of the Velvet Underground and 1. appears to be some very old Dexys.

  4. Think I've had a lightbulb moment too with the link.... will say no more for now!

    1. I think you need to enlighten us further C!

    2. It's a bit more specific than that, guys.

      There Is A Light That Never Goes Out would not count, neither would Leave A Light On.

  5. Lights and colours?
    Dexys Green
    Velvets Whiite
    Billy Ocean Red

  6. 5. Johnny Cash recorded at Sun, but I can't figure out the first part of the clue.

  7. Surprised nobody got 9. One for Martin, I think...


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