Saturday, 17 July 2021

Saturday Snapshots #198

Welcome back to the quiz that's out of this world. Just like Richard Branson. 

This made me chuckle earlier in the week...

While Ben, who you've not heard much from lately, but is still around, had this to say...

Billionaire's throwing away billions to just go high in the atmosphere rather than spend it on programs that reduce the suffering caused by poverty is far beyond a joke. It's disgusting and they deserve nothing but bile.

If he's not careful, he'll give himself a heart attack by the time he reaches my age.

Anyway, I come in peace to bring you ten clues to ten popular artists. Identify them, then work out what links their songs, then identify the song titles. Easy as flying into space aboard Virgin Intergalactic (or whatever he's calling it) but much, much cheaper.

10. He is in debt to Mr. Simon.

9. A Shaky Oh and a golfing saint.

8. Matt Lucas on the drums.

7. Sell-out cynic.

6. Arachnids get mixed up.

5. Spare parts.

4. Early British cars.

3. Sounds like a gloating angel.

2. You're fired!

1. Bob Century.

Take me to your leader and he will reveal the answers tomorrow morning. 


  1. Replies
    1. Ah of course - Really enjoyed the song Rol shared by them yesterday by them.

  2. 8. Was thinking Shooting Stars or Babys but too recent for those by the look of the picture. Or maybe nothing to do with that telly show!

  3. 9. Julie Andrews - St Andrews and a song by Shaky

  4. 10 Owen Paul suggesting that the link could be time

  5. I think I've got the link and it led me to getting No 1 (hopefully) - Haircut 100

    1. It just looked like Nick Heyward to me, I'm baffled by the rest!

  6. Going to throw it out there - Favourite?

    Favourite Things
    Favourite Shirts

  7. Sheryl - Favourite Mistake

  8. Ah, well done!
    Owen Paul: Favourite Waste of Time

  9. Either my brain's not working or these quizzes are getting tougher.

  10. 6. The Cardigans!!! Yeah, I got one!

    1. Well done. There's another anagram to get...

  11. 4. The Siddeleys - My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon

  12. Surprised nobody got #5...


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