Thursday, 22 July 2021

Positive Songs For Sweltering Times

As I type this, the temperature in this room is 29 degrees. That's too hot for coherent thought in my book, so any plans to get back to regular blogging this week have been stymied by the heat. 

Here's a song that always come into my head during a heatwave, particularly when it's "too hot to sleep"...

Last night, it was so hot I sat out in the garden till late, in the new hanging chair Louise has bought for the new house. I would never have wanted to sit outside at the old house, so with the exception of the occasional motorbike roaring by, this new home is better in every way. It's a relief to be able to say that after all the stress of our last move.

Another bonus of sitting out in the garden as twilight descends is waiting to be visited by our two neighbourhood bats. I could watch those fellas swooping and diving around all night long. With another track running through my mind whenever I see them... 

(In case you're wondering, Renfield is a character from Bram Stoker's Dracula, and the name has been adopted by psychologists to refer to "clinical vampirism".)


  1. It's definitely 'Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think', to quote The Triffids. I'm fascinated by bats too, silently swooping out of the gloom like marionettes guided by unseen hands.

  2. Ah, fantastic to share your garden with bats! (Love your description too, TS.) We used to see them here swooping low over the gardens - a neighbour even put up a batbox - but sadly haven't noticed any for a few years. Just hope they'll return some day soon.


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