Sunday, 18 July 2021

Snapshots #198: A Top Ten Favourite Songs

Is it that time already? Time for the answers to yesterday's Snapshots. And as the link was Favourite Songs, above is an image from my favourite film as a teenager, Back To The Future.

Most of these are oldies. Well, they're oldies where I come from...

10. He is in debt to Mr. Simon.

He's owing Paul.

9. A Shaky Oh and a golfing saint.

Oh Julie + St. Andrews...

8. Matt Lucas on the drums.

Matt Lucas was George Dawes.

7. Sell-out cynic.


6. Arachnids get mixed up.

Unmix "arachnids get" and you get...

5. Spare parts.

4. Early British cars.

Specifically these, the Armstrong Siddeley...

3. Sounds like a gloating angel.

Cheryl Ladd was an Angel (for Charlie). Gloating is crowing.

2. You're fired!

Says Sir Alan Sugar.

1. Bob Century.

A bob is a type of haircut. A century = 100.

Get Back to Snapshots in the Future... next Saturday, to be precise. Great Scott!

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