Saturday, 9 January 2021

Saturday Snapshots #171

I don't know about you, but that was the best season finale of The West Wing I've ever seen.

What do you mean it was real? 

Don't be ridiculous.

Reality truly is stranger than fiction now.

Fortunately, we still have Saturday Snapshots to keep us all sane.

Remember the new rules... 

The clues are to the artists ONLY.

All the songs are linked.

Work out the link and you might then work out the rest of the songs.

I like this, because it makes you all work together like a team. 

10. Sober skipper.

9. Winking dishes answer.

8. Airbrushed.

7. Humming tip.

6. On their heads.

5. AKA Karloff & Willis.

4. Touch√©, Leonardo.

3. Jetty offspring blinks a lot.

2. Hell is a Wil Marr LP.

1. Parliament swallows.

Answers tomorrow morning.

Unless the alien invasion starts overnight.


  1. 10 Captain Sensible
    I’m going to guess Happy Talk

  2. 2- Pharrelll Williams - Happy
    Think I’m on the right lines

  3. 8. Altered Images - I Could be Happy

  4. 8. Altered Images - I Could be Happy

  5. 9. Edwin Hawkins Singers - "Oh Happy Day"

  6. 1. The Housemartins - "Happy Hour"

  7. Replies
    1. CC emailed me the answer to this one at 9.11. Apparently t'interweb wouldn't let him post the comment.

    2. Happy for you to take the plaudits Lynchie!

    3. CC - I recognised Mark Volman in the Turtles photo and went from there.

  8. 5. Pratt and McClain - Happy Days Theme (Boris Karloff/aka Henry Pratt and Bruce Willis/John McClain)

  9. 7 Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays

  10. Clearly we're just waiting for Mr. & Mrs. Brian now...

  11. 3. REM and Kate Pierson - Shiny Happy People I knew this photo was from Saturday Night Live because of the stage, and the cut of that suit was a dead ringer for early 90s fashion! REM - stage of sleep where your eyes move a lot. Kate Pierson - offspring of a jetty - son of a pier. Brilliant again, Rol! Thank you! (from Mrs. Brian)

  12. 6. I'm guessing here because it doesn't look like The Spinners, but The Spinners, I'm Happy Baby (?). They're wearing white berets (on their heads) or white caps. Not Barry White. So, Whitecaps=waves=spindrift which may mean Spinners? (from Mrs. Brian)

    1. Good try, but no.

      Our Scottish friends might know what those caps are called though...

    2. The Tams - Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy?


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