Monday, 18 January 2021

Positive Songs For Negative Times #37: Kitchen Sink


You could count the good things to come out of lockdown on one hand... but probably the best thing is the live living room, bedroom and kitchen performances from our friends in the musical community.

One such couple who have been entertaining the nation on a weekly basis are Toyah and her husband Robert Fripp, performing a new cover song from their kitchen every Sunday lunchtime. They're always fun... but last week's video, in which they covered Enter Sandman by Metallica, made headlines and trended all around the world. I'll let you decide why... although gentlemen of a certain age might want to check their heart pills are stocked up before pressing play.

2.7 million views in a week. That's obviously all down to Robert's masterful guitar playing. 

And if that wasn't enough, this week they have a crack at Rebel Yell, with Toyah giving it the full cheerleader. I'd like to say I hope I have half of Toyah's energy when I hit 62... but to be honest, I'd have settled for it when I was 22. Watching these videos is akin to watching Jerry & Margo from The Good Life make an online porn film... but let's face it, we get our kicks where we can these days. 

Slightly more reserved - but no less appealing to gentlemen of a certain age (I'm betting Martin will be all over this one) is the latest instalment from The Wedding Present's lockdown sessions (soon to be released as an album), featuring a guest duet with the divine Louise Wener from Sleeper. Toyah and Robert doing it in their kitchen is one thing, but seeing a whole band playing live (with guests) from their own individual homes never ceases to amaze and enthral - and I'm sure it's something that wouldn't have been possible even five years ago. In that regard, I guess we count ourselves lucky that the pandemic waited until 2020. 

I spent quite a long time the other night watching old Wedding Present videos on youtube, feeling sweet melancholy for a younger, darker haired David Gedge, remembering listening to those songs in other, simpler times, and even chatting with Gedge himself while he was manning his own T-shirt stand at the Leadmill (fronting Cinerama at the time) back in the 90s. 

We Should Be Together...


  1. Toyah & Robert's video I thought Robert was wonderful at keeping a straight face until the end. The Wedding Present video was not so "energetic" as Toyah but sounds great.

  2. I don't know what you mean, Rol... but yes ;)

  3. Why am I reminded of the Christopher Brookmyre book All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses an Eye

  4. I think Ms. Wilcox may have taken her inspiration from this, ahem, pair.

  5. Have watched Toyah and Robert a couple of times. It's very funny and more power to them.

  6. Hmm - I can see how the pair’s videos have gone down well (not a pun) but just a bit sad for her too as I know she’s struggled with getting older. Sorry to be a party-pooper. Love the Wedding Present clip with Louise Wener. As you say, had lockdown happened even 5 years earlier, I have no idea how we could have entertained ourselves and worked from home as we have.


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