Monday, 4 January 2021

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #55: Please Let Me Go Round Again


Back to work today, and I don't even want to think about that as I type this on Friday evening... though it has blackened my thoughts for the past few days. If you feel the same, here's the Nicholas Cage coaster I got for Christmas. Don't have nightmares.

As the New Year begins, it's customarily the time that I begin sharing with you the songs that would have been included in my countdown of the previous year... if I'd discovered them in time. More of those will be coming up later in the week, under the heading 2020 Latecomers (there's one party we'd all happily have arrived late to... or missed altogether), but the first one deserves the Mid-Life Crisis heading even more.

I discovered the latest album from Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams Jr. a month or so ago because it features two of the last vocal recordings from the late great John Prine. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the album as a whole. At 78, Swamp Dogg has had a pretty amazing career, working with Patti Labelle, Gary US Bonds, Gene Pitney, Irma Thomas, Dr. Dre and Kid Rock, among others. He's been a songwriter, producer, A&R man and performer, though his record releases have tended towards the esoteric and satirical... but this is his country blues album, drafting in John Prine, Bon Iver and Jenny Lewis to help. The more I listen to it, the more I want to dig deeper into Swamp Dogg's back catalogue, though I have been warned not to expect anything else that sounds like this.

The song below, however - one of the very last John Prine would ever lend his vocals to - is in a league of its own. Especially for those of us hip-deep in what Sam has started to call "The Middle Ages" ("you and mummy are in the Middle Ages, you won't be old for a few years yet")...

Everything I put my hands on, I blew it
Women, jobs, money, friends, and I knew it
Actin' crazy, talkin' dumb all the time
I woke up yesterday, I was forty years old, life had passed me by

Please let me go 'round again
Oh, life, can't you afford me another chance?
If you'll let me go 'round again
I'll build a better mousetrap from a far more better plan

As I head back to work today, I wish I had the opportunity to go round again and build a far better mousetrap from a far better plan...


  1. I like that coaster though...

    HNY, Rol.

  2. That Nicholas Cage coaster reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who from way back. Hadn't heard of Swamp Dogg for years - will check out that album.
    Good luck back at work - stay safe.

  3. Whoah, that is one creepy coaster!
    I don't think going round again is the answer, just in case we come back as lab rats... although some might argue that we already have.
    On the same theme though, I do love this:

    All the best for your return to work, Rol and a Happier New Year.

  4. Lynchie is right, that coaster reminds me of the character Lady Cassandra in Dr Who, first season back.

    Profound lyrics - The tragedy of life is that we only get one shot at it but like in Back to the Future, be careful about going back and changing anything...

    As of tonight new lockdown so not sure how that affects your work. Good luck with it all.


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