Tuesday, 26 January 2021

2020 Latecomers: Sex On The Radio

So there's a TV show on Netflix called Sex Education. I haven't watched it, despite the fact that it features Gillian Anderson. Then again, I haven't watched The Crown either, despite the fact that also features Gillian Anderson. The very idea of her playing Margaret Thatcher break my heart... and stamps on other parts of my anatomy too.

Louise has watched Sex Education though. Make of that what you will. The other day, she was listening to the soundtrack when I recognised a familiar voice...

Yes, it's our old pal Chip 'Wild Thing' Taylor. Perhaps not the first person you'd imagined to be featured in the soundtrack to a hip, yoof-oriented Netflix show... nor the first person you'd imagine to find covering a song by Regina Spektor about listening to Guns 'n' Roses. Despite all those facts... this is a belter.


  1. Not what you'd expect as you say but beautiful. To be honest I make most of my new discoveries from telly show soundtracks nowadays which is why I've nicked your blog name for my latest post. Hope I'll not be sued for breaching copyright.

  2. I did watch The Crown and also The Fall. A very different Gillian Anderson in that one.


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