Sunday, 10 January 2021

Saturday Snapshots #171: Top Ten Happy Songs

Because there are never enough cat pictures on the interweb.

Answers to yesterday's questions.

A Top Ten Happy Songs

That was the link. These are the songs...

10. Sober skipper.

9. Winking dishes answer.

"Winking dishes answer" was an anagram. D'oh.

8. Airbrushed.

That's Claire Grogan, of course. All grown up.


7. Humming tip.

Humming is a buzz.

If you tip your hat, you cock it.

6. On their heads.

On their heads are tam o'shanters, from which they took their name.

5. AKA Karloff & Willis.

Boris Karloff was born William Pratt.

Bruce Willis played John McClane. 

4. Touché, Leonardo.

They're both turtles.

3. Jetty offspring blinks a lot.

A jetty offspring would be a pier-son. Blinking a lot would involve rapid eye movement.

2. Hell is a Wil Marr LP.

Anagram. But the hat was the clue.

1. Parliament swallows.

Parliament is the House of Commons... or the White House... or...

House Martins are a type of swallow.

We're back next Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. Will there be pics of cuddly lickle kitty-kats next Saturday?


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