Sunday 1 July 2018

Saturday Snapshots #39 - The Answers

I can't offer you a Kiss From A Rose this Sunday morning, but I can offer you the answers to Saturday Snapshots. All Killer - no filler!

10. Elton joins Limp Bizkit at the mansion while a rainbow child goes undercover at the opticians.

(Convoluted yet easy if you think about it.)

Elton John + Fred Durst = John Fred, at the Playboy mansion.

Judy Garland went Over The Rainbow.

John Fred & His Playboy Band - Judy In Disguise With Glasses

9. Aha is confused by getting booed offstage at The Sands.

The Sands was a famous casino in Vegas where you might die if you were booed offstage.

"Aha is" is an anagram.

Death In Vegas - Aisha

8. Heavenly parsley from Houston causes personal illness.

Angelica, a type of parsley, is "the herb of angels". There's also Angelica Houston.

Angelica - Take Me, I'm Your Disease

7. Elemental dreams.

Earth, Wind & Fire are elements.

Dreams are fantasies.

Earth, Wind & Fire - Fantasy

6. Fake philosopher rustles up a glider - that's cool with me.

Bertrand Russell was a philosopher.

Plastic is fake.

The literal translation is "that plane's for me"... but what it actually means is "that's cool with me".

Plastic Bertrand - Ça Plane Pour Moi

5. Ripper's boy in a local area network crosses time zones to finish work early.

If Jack the Ripper had a boy, he would be a Jack-son.

A local area network is a LAN.

Alan Jackson (with Jimmy Buffet) - It's Five O'clock Somewhere

4. Contemporary jungle queen goes oriental.

Sheena goes East (on). Contemporary is modern.

Sheena Easton - Modern Girl

3. Dead guy gets stuck in Macca's farm and puts us all to sleep.

Shaun of the Dead.

Macca's farm was on the Mull of Kintyre.

Shawn Mullins - Lullaby

2. The very best of unknown aeroplanes.

No explanation needed for this one, surely?

The Mystery Jets - Greatest Hits

1. Desperate and determined child stars.

Desperate Dan has steely determination.

Saturday Snapshots will return next week... you'd be Crazy to miss it.

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  1. As The Four Tops said: "I'll be there, you can always depend on me..."


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