Sunday, 13 October 2019

Saturday Snapshots #105 - The Answers

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it's just some super answers...

10. Princess & Friend give up.

Princess Di & Ross from Friends. I give up!

Diana Ross - Surrender

9. Climb up the helter skelter, 10 steps on Friday, 11 on Saturday.

To climb a helter skelter you must go up a spiral staircase, no?

The Spiral Staircase - More Today Than Yesterday

8. Audio experiments in Gallic dancehall.

Audio experiments would take place in a Stereo Lab.

Stereolab - French Disko

7. Ronnie James replaced by Genius, crown broken along the way.

Jack fell down and broke his crown.

Ronnie James Dio replaced by Ray 'The Genius' Charles.

Raydio - Jack & Jill

(Yes, that is Ray Parker Jr.)

6. Mental igloo.

Cheesy 80s video alert!

Icehouse - Crazy

5. Reading under-30s' fortunes while heavy machine crosses.

Robert Plant - 29 Palms

4. Brown bruvver in the ring reaches a ranking full stop.

Joe Brown & The Bruvvers.

Boxers fight in the ring.

The Beat sang Ranking Full Stop.

JoBoxers - Boxerbeat

3. 24 hour curls.

The Kinks - All Day & All Of The Night

2. Youthful thought processes discovered in the wreckage.

Black box recorders are found in the wreckage.

Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology

1. Neighbourhood hero's original publication parachutes down for a health check.

Mr. Rogers lived In The Neighbourhood.

An original publication would be a First Edition.

Saturday Snapshots will go Up, Up and Away again next week.


  1. Top notch quizzery! Most of the clues were too tough for me.

    1. Yup - a tricky one this week

    2. Weird. I thought this week's was one of the easier ones. Certainly some big names, if well-hidden.


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