Sunday, 26 January 2020

Saturday Snapshots #120 - The Answers

I blame Billy Joel for the fact that I can't ever think about Grace Kelly without also thinking about trouble in the Suez. Damn him. I'll never be part of High Society.

Anyway, before it gets to High Noon, here are this week's answers...

10. Invasion of the... couch potatoes.

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

Being a couch potato is a pretty easy life.

The Bodysnatchers - Easy Life

9. Rhythm & Blues writes to problematic girl, mourning conjunction.

R 'n' B without the conjunction is RB. Mourning is grieving.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

R.B. Greaves - Take A Letter, Maria

For years, I thought this was a song about a scoundrel leaving his wife and shamelessly copping off with his secretary. Then I listened a bit more closely and realised his missus was at it first. So I guess that serves her right.

Excellent video.

8. Weeping fox.

Vixen - Crying

You love it.

Don't pretend you don't.

7. Ask Daniele for a more upbeat reaction to bad weather than Don & Phil had.

"Ask Daniele" is an anagram.

The Everly Brothers were Crying In The Rain.

Neil Sedaka - Laughter In The Rain

6. Dancer's dog mourned by Lee, Lynne and Luke Sky.

Jerry Lee, Jeff Lynne & Luke Sky... Walker.

The dancer's dog was Mr. Bojangles.

Tissues at the ready...

Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr. Bojangles

5. Bake-off final: mercy for Hergé.

Duffy sang Mercy.

I've never watched Bake Off, but I presume that in the final they put the icing on the cake.

Stephen Tin Tin Duffy - Icing On The Cake

4. Alloy writer romanticised by fortunate Queen killers.

The Smiths sang The Queen Is Dead.

Breaking into the palace with a sponge and a rusty spanner now seems quite mild as Morrissey's crimes go.

The romantic alloy writer would be Danielle Steel.

The Lucksmiths - Danielle Steel

3. On hold for conventional candy.

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hanging On

I should have saved this one for a Cover Me Monday.

2. Romantic Shakespearean text found in smallest room.

A book found in the smallest room would be a loo read.

Lou Reed - Romeo Had Juliet

1. The sound...of a brand-new world. Predictably.

Hey, radio head!
The sound...of a brand-new world.

So sang Talking Heads.

A world without surprises would be very predictable.

It's pure coincidence that this track featured here on Thursday. I compiled this
edition of Saturday Snapshots weeks ago. I could have changed it, but I wanted to see if anyone was paying attention.

Don't worry, Saturday Snapshots will be back next week. No need to Dial M For Murder.


  1. I'd never heard of R B Greaves but the song title "Take a letter Maria" sounded familiar and then I realised it reminded me of the Burt Bacharach and Hal David song "Message To Michael" (big hit for Dionne Warwick) which was originally titled "Message to Martha" by Jerry Butler in 1962.

    But even earlier than that (1958) was one of my favourite Everly Brothers songs "Take a Message to Mary" which is sad and beautiful and a must hear.

    Well, that's enough messages for one day. Cheers.

    1. I think I first heard this track in a soundtrack. Possibly Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

  2. R. B. Greaves, Bodysnatchers and Jerry Jeff Walker were nice discoveries this week. The Vixen track led me to their hit Edge Of A Broken Heart.

    1. Always happy to help. (Not sure how many people would thank me for introducing them to Vixen though!)

  3. It's the ones you don't get that stick with you. I'm a huge fan of the Lucksmiths and got nothing from the photo or either aspect of the clue. Grr.


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