Monday, 12 April 2021

Neverending Top Ten #3.9: Saturday Morning Football

Saturday morning football was allowed to re-open this week, and the snow came with it. It was freezing up at the pitch, but a pretty spectacular view, nevertheless.

In the three months since he was last allowed to play, Sam seems to have somehow developed new skills. He scored three goals on Saturday... that's three more than I ever scored in my whole life. What I like about this particular group of young footballers is that there's none of the aggressive dads on the side-lines shouting, "come on, my son!" and treating their off-spring like the next Beckham. Maybe that'll change when he joins the league proper next year, but it's all pretty relaxed at the moment.

Here's a song Sam's been quite taken with when I included it on a car compilation recently. Probably one the Cancel Culture mob would massacre if they got their hands on it, cultural appropriation and all that. Sigh. I feel old just typing that...


  1. Proud papa plays poppa joe. Nothing better than shivering on the sidelines while we watch the games of our little ones. Wait, I just thought of something better. No, two things, three, four, five... Ha! Then again, none of my offspring ever scored three goals. Happy to hear the parents are behaving themselves. That's a really interesting photo, Rol, and you managed to keep the camera still while you were shaking. Well done.


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