Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Positive Songs For Negative Times #50: Clutching At Straws

Sam and I went for a walk in the woods yesterday. The sky was a beautiful blue, but it was perishing cold. And then it started to snow again, once more proving Prince right.

I'm back at work today though. But still at home. It's the Easter holiday, which means no classes, but lots to do. (College teachers don't get all the school holidays off.) 

I'm thinking of starting to buy lottery tickets. I mean, I'm not really... I know it's a mug's game and the  odds are astronomical... but it shows how desperate I am, I guess. Like a lot of people, the fantasy of winning enough to pay off the mortgage, and tell work to stick it, is an intoxicating one. The second line of No Surprises keeps running through my head, on a neverending loop.

Here's a positive song for negative times, courtesy of Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri, aka You Won't, from their 2016 album Revolutionaries. To steal a comment from youtube, "This song (and video) will get you out of any funk you could be in. I swear."

If you don’t believe me
And you’re left feeling hollow
Tie a tooth to a tree
Pull the string and I’ll follow

All this and a yodelling chorus too. What else do you want? Blood?

And here's a live version without all the video histrionics to prove the song works just as well on its own.

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