Saturday, 24 April 2021

Saturday Snapshots #186

 Moore Saturday Snapshots? You want Moore?

Roger that!

You know the rules. Identify the artists from the clues. Work out the theme that connects their songs. Identify the songs...

10. Run, Dada, Run!

9. First word to Gort.

8. Korean war doctors lose their mobility.

7. Jimmy Cagney.

6. Always chooses the fifth letters.

5. Losing at tennis.

4. When reorganized, she betrays UK.

3. Cuban angel feet.

2. Bombs on stage.

1. Half the binary code.

Eyebrows raised at the answers tomorrow morning.


  1. 5. is the band Love.

    Not going to find a link unless I can work out some of the others and so far drawing a blank.

  2. 7. Jimmy Cagney: Public Enemy

  3. 9. From the clue I'm thinking they could be Klaatu. Had never heard of them until I started blogging and discovered they (and not the Carpenters) were the originators of Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.

    Not an obvious word in that song that could be the link though.

  4. 6 is Pixies
    1 is The Only Ones... I think Alyson's comment above could lead us to the theme!

  5. 10 is Duran Duran and this confirms the theme to me... but will wait to see what else comes up!

    1. I thought the lead singer had Simon Le Bon’s particular stance, but didn’t recognise the other band members.

      You got the link though C from their song. Well done.

  6. 10. Duran Duran. Is it planets?

  7. 1 Only Ones Another Girl Another Planet

  8. 8. Jack Names The Planets (By Ash)

    1. Thanks, Jim. Good to hear from you again.

  9. Normally too late to the game each week but i enjoy doing it and nice to contribute every so often when i can


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