Sunday, 11 April 2021

Snapshots #184: A Top Ten Magic Songs

What connected all the songs on yesterday's Snapshots quiz, Paul?

"That's... magic!"

10. Library woman in disarray.

"Library woman" is a wonderful anagram for old Manly Barrimore...

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic?

9. Like 10CC and Pearl Jam. (Ick.)

I won't spoil your Saturday morning by explaining the connection too graphically, suffice it to say their names all come back to the same point of origin...

The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic?

8. Not involved with The Female of the Species.

The 90s band Space sand about The Female Of The Species.

20 odd years before that though, there was a French band with the same moniker...

Space - Magic Fly

And that's where Daft Punk got their act.

7. Wild German dog.

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

6. Boob drug? Oh!

It was an anagram!

Bob Dorough - Three Is A Magic Number

5. Discovered gravity on the loo.

Isaac Newton, on the John.

Olivia Newton John - Magic

Some great minor chords in that.

4. Steal a duck.

Nick a drake!

Nick Drake - Magic

3. Army (under another name) eats home-made Sunday dinner.

Another name for army might be limb-y.

Homemade Sunday dinner is family cooking.

Limmie & The Family Cooking - You Can Do Magic

2. Dangermouse. Krypto. Champion.

They're all Super Furry Animals, of course.

Super Furry Animals - God! Show Me Magic

1. Victoria.

Queen Victoria, obviously.

More magic next Saturday.


  1. Ah Queen - Obvious now because of their song but didn’t get who was in the pictures?

    1. Now that I've watched the video I get it, but I'd forgotten how they dressed in that one - A song from one of my favourite films, Highlander.

    2. The problem with Freddie is that he's so recognisable in every photo, there's no quiz at all if you can see his face.

  2. I never knew that about the Pearl Jam name, thanks Rol....

    1. To be honest, neither did I until this post. Just double checking my facts about the other two...

    2. I only found out about those three names when I started blogging - Plus the story about how Steely Dan got their name. I'm sure you've done a Top Ten at some point listing such monikers (or maybe it's songs that I naively thought were about something much purer).

    3. I think I did one about dubious innuendo songs, definitely...

    4. Yes you did - That's when I found out about Alison Moyet's song. Can't listen to it now without laughing.

  3. I don't know Bob Dorough, but I was thinking it could be a Bob or Doug. Wonderful song I haven't thought of for years.


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