Thursday, 15 April 2021

Radio Songs #72: Reception

This is the reception at the old building, so this will have been the first room I entered when I was led down the stairs from the side door featured a couple of weeks back. The reception didn't remain a reception for long after I got there. A few years later is was moved upstairs, into the light, and the old wood panelling here was stripped away. But this is how it looked when I first arrived, the day I came for my interview and was immediately given the (unpaid) Saturday morning job. I was 16, but I finally felt like a grown up.

Here's a close up of some of the presenter photos on the wall. The dashing young gentleman in the middle is the only one I really remember. In fact, though I never worked with him directly, he's one of the few people from the early days that I'm still in touch with, via Facebook, and he still does the odd spot of presenting, I think, on one of those retro-online stations that harken back to how local radio used to sound before the commercial homogeneity set in. 

This isn't the most interesting of posts, I will fully admit, since I don't really have any stories about reception. But for me, these photos are still worth a million in prizes.

Here's a song that starts in reception... and is still very, very true. Plus, it's got a French Horn in it, which always nice.

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  1. Just doing a little catching up this morning as I've missed a few posts - that pic of the photos on the wall is just how I would imagine it. Quite Radio Norwich!


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