Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Positive Songs For Negative Times #54: Generator

That's when you realise you have to get out.

When your every waking thought is about THAT PLACE.

When you go for a walk in the woods with your family and THAT PLACE haunts every step.

When you're reading with your son at bedtime and THAT PLACE THAT PLACE THAT PLACE.

When you see lambs gambolling in the field on a sunny morning and you can't enjoy the moment because THAT PLACE.

Still, I had a haircut yesterday, and that made me feel a little better. And I stumbled across a face carved into the rocks when we were out on Sunday, and for a good few moments I didn't think about THAT PLACE.

Then, driving home last night, a song came on I've heard a hundred times before. I like it enough to have put it on one of Sam's CDs, but I've never really heard the words beyond the chorus. Last night, I heard it completely anew... and it was like it had been written for me. In this moment.

I don't live in poverty, 
I got a little bit of money and I've got a healthy body
I'm not going to let stuff get me upset, 
And I won't let all the little things get me depressed.

When I was a young boy
I got a stereo and I taped all the songs straight off the radio
The sounds that the bands made, and the melodies 
Is all I need to make me feel free.

Sometimes you get so low, you don't know why, or a little upset all inside.
May I remind you that you don't live in poverty, 
You've got your youth, and you got food in your belly.

I can get a record player, and a generator.
Generate the music that makes you feel better.

OK, so maybe the bit about still having your youth is a stretch. But the music... that still makes me feel better. It's about all that does these days.


  1. Good choice, Rol. I felt much the same way.

    Don't let THAT PLACE get you down.

  2. That is a positive song and very relevant to my day, or rather my mum's.

    I headed over the the care home for my very strict visit to find a stage in the car park. A group of musicians had come to preform for the residents so I decided to forego the visit so that my mum could enjoy the show. All 60s stuff but perfect for them, and my mum was outside, front of centre, dancing away to her heart's content. After being confined to quarters for nearly a year. I watched from afar and was in bits - I was just so happy they were getting such enjoyment from the live show. I thanked one the girl singers at the end and she understood how important it was for them. For me too I think, live music after a year of nothing!

    Anyway, do whatever it takes to forget about THAT PLACE. We feel for you.

    1. Yes. I'll take any more of those anyone has to give, to relieve the relentless misery of this blog...


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