Sunday, 2 May 2021

Snapshots #187 - A Top Ten Good Morning Songs

Gooooood morning, Vietnam!

Here are ten songs that greet you with a cheery Good Morning... none of them by The Beatles.

10. Tory ferret.

Blue Mink - Good Morning Freedom

9. The casserole in charge.

Stewboss - The Good Morning Song

8. Please sir, may I have some more?

Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

7. Grace, Burt, Tom. 

Grace Kelly, Burt Reynolds, Tom O'Connor... not quite.

Gene Kelly, Debra Reynolds & Donald O'Connor - Good Morning

6. Twinkly nag.

Sparklehorse - Good Morning, Spider

Only because I missed it out a couple of weeks back.

To be fair, it's not much of a track on its own, just the opener to an album of the same name. But it stopped me having to include Good Morning, Good Morning by The Beatles, which I find rather  annoying.

5. Carbon Copy of X.


Carbon Copy = CC

10CC - Good Morning, Judge

4. A pair of articles.

The + The

The The - Good Morning, Beautiful

3. SOS - Adrian!


Diana Ross - Good Morning Heartache

2. Painful horse among the lions.

A charley horse is rather painful. Lions gather in a pride.

Charley Pride - Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'

1. First to last, old college, goes with shaft, long period of time... plus a dynamite fighter.

First to last = A-Z. An old college would be a Tec'. Cam goes with shaft. A long period of time is an era.

Put them together... Az+Tec+Cam+Era

The Dynamite Fighter was in Big Audio Dynamite & The Clash.

Don't be a patsy and stay away from the grassy knoll until the answers are revealed tomorrow morning...

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  1. And here was me thinking "Twinkly nag" was an anagram.


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