Sunday 9 May 2021

Snapshots #188: A Top Ten Apple Songs

Yesterday's Snapshots certainly gave you something to chew on. But the answers don't fall far from the tree...

10. Part of a barber's pole.

Just the White Stripes...

The White Stripes - Apple Blossom

9. Australians cut Monday short.

Aussies (Oz/Os) only have Mond.

The Osmonds - One Bad Apple

8. So fast, they lose a C.

Quick, without the C...

The Quik - Bert's Apple Crumble

7. Dapper zero.


Perez Prado - Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White

6. Beg or borrow baby talk.

Cadge a goo goo.

Kajagoogoo - The Big Apple

5. Horatio, of the Black Pig.

Captain Horatio Pugwash sailed on the Black Pig.

Pugwash - Apples

4. Moore & Ogilvy look like they've seen a ghost.

Roger Moore & Ian Ogilvy both played The Saint. If they saw a ghost, they might be pale.

The Pale Saints - Throwing Back The Apple 

3. Who sings like Marilyn's man?

The Who singer was Roger Daltrey.

Marilyn Monroe was married to Arthur Miller.

Roger Miller - Little Green Apples

2. Nowadays people just ask for money instead. Or give you a list.

You don't get to just buy whatever you like as a Wedding Present these days.

No apple in the title... but too much apple pie in the chorus!

The Wedding Present - Kennedy

1. Sounds like three and an eagle.

#3 was Roger Miller. The Eagle was Glen Frey...

Enjoy your week. Snapshots will be back next Saturday, exams permitted.

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