Sunday, 30 May 2021

Snapshots #191: A Top Ten Ship Songs

Yesterday was Leo, today it's Kate. Together they sailed on the most famous ship ever to sink.

Sink your teeth into these answers...

10. Earth's main political group?

World Party - Ship Of Fools

9. Crispy relations.

Walkers Crisps, obviously.

The Walker Brothers - My Ship Is Coming In

8. Dougal's owner plays with her contraption.

Florence & The Machine - Ship To Wreck

7. Eastern European moons.

The Georgia Satellites - Battleship Chains

6. That's quite a neck, Vic.

"A neck, Vic" was an anagram.

Nick Cave - The Ship Song

5. In & Out.

The Doors - The Crystal Ship


The Doors - Ship of Fools

4. Birds hug Cher.


Chris DeBurgh - Ship To Shore

3. Improves your garden before June.

April showers bring forth May flowers... 

April Showers - Abandon Ship

2. Longer British lawman meets Western equivalent.

A Bobby becomes a Robert.

Wyatt Earp was the Western lawman.

Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding

1. Being obsessed with the games people play makes him more than just a pretty face.

Joe South sang about The Games People Play.

This is still amazing...

By the way, if you've not caught the divine Ms. Winslet in Mare of Easttown, you really have been missing out.

More Snapshots next week, even if there's nothing else in between...


  1. I'm in agreement with you about "Mare of Easttown", Rol. Great series.

  2. Thanks Rol, I do appreciate our weekly booster jab of Snapshots.


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