Sunday 21 April 2024

Saturday Snapshots #340: A Top Ten Caribbean Songs

Snapshots invites you to a Caribbean beach today, all expenses paid. I figured Barry Bloom and the Gibson Brothers would give this week's link away, but I had to avoid the really obvious songs...

Typically Tropical - Barbados 

The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen 

(Although I'm fascinated by that last one, particularly the snazzy grey sweater that Billy wears in the video which appears to have a rip in the shoulder. Couldn't someone have bought him a new one for the shoot?)

10. Classical superhero meets Alex The Frozen Chimp in top gear.

Bach-Man! Alex Turner! Over-drive!

Bachman Turner Overdrive - Jamaica

Amazingly, that's the first time BTO has ever featured on Snapshots. But... you ain't seen nothin' yet!

9. Top of the Corner Shops.

The Kings Of Convenience - Cayman Islands

8. Flowery copper.

7. Badgers paint their homes for camouflage. 

Badgers live in setts. Badgers are black and white, so for camouflage they would live in...

6. The kids were just crass... with God-given ass.

Lyrics from Ziggy Stardust. The missing line is, of course, "he was the Nazz".

5. All the Bee Gees' kids were boys.

The Gibbs' sons were all brothers. (For the benefit of this clue, at least.)

4. Nice Guy, and he's loaded.

Nice Guy Eddie has lots of money.

3. Ache as I say twist.

Twist the letter in "ache as I say" to reveal...

2. Irony & carbony martial arts ranking. 

1. Found onboard golden yachts.

Found onboard golden yachts.

Enya - Caribbean Blue

Back to dull grey Blighty Snapshots next weekend... and it'll probably be raining.

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