Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Hot 100 #65

What I like about this feature is that on a good week, you do all my work for me. Charity Chic even suggested this week's artist-related image - and a fine suggestion it is too. If you've never heard any Buck 65, I suggest you start with this.

There weren't many titular 65s out there... although I did discover a hitherto-unknown collaboration between Kurt Wagner & Josh Rouse called simply 65... which would have been a great fit if I'd discovered it in my own record collection, but I didn't. So I'm going to have to hunt that down now.

And then there was Dottie West - Route 65 to Nashville, which would have made a nice sequel to last week's post... had I owned it.

I was very tempted by Brian's suggestion of 65 Love Affair by Paul Davis... but sadly I don't even own a copy of that. I'll have to borrow Brian's limited edition gold vinyl copy sometime.

And finally - STOP THE PRESS! - a late entry from Deano in Australia (it takes a while for the pigeon to deliver his comments, and the poor bird has very tired wings)...

Louis Jordan - 65 Bars

Sadly I can't listen to that as I'm editing this on a computer with no sounds just moments before the post goes live... but it's Louis Jordan, so I'm sure it's ace, even though Dean tells us it's "quite different to the jump blues he was normally known for. Towards the latter end of his career he quite of genre hopped trying to latch onto the latest trends." I'll give it a spin when I get home tonight, I promise.

All of which left me only lyrical 65s to choose from this week. Luckily, you offered some fine examples...

Martin gave us one of the latter millennia listed in the lyrics of In The Year 2525 by Zager & Evans...

In the year 6565
Ain't gonna need no husband, won't need no wife.
You'll pick your sons, pick your daughters too
From the bottom of a long glass tube.
That could well happen long before 6565... some might argue we're already there.

Oh, and if you have a spare week, I highly recommend you go and have a go at Martin's pop crossword. But not until you've left a 64 suggestion for next week.

Martin also offered Metal Man by The Breeders...

I don't know how old I was
But it was a '65 pickup
The Swede then dug out his old Richard Hell & The Voidoids records and suggested... Liars Beware.

You were sixty-five when you wiggled out,
Your mind all twisted and your mom all shout, all shout, all shout

If you're 65 and your mum is still shouting at you, you need to ask yourself some serious questions.

Lynchie then came very close to winning this week's prize with two damned fine suggestions. Firstly, The Boston Rag by Steely Dan...

Back in nineteen sixty-five
I was singing this song
When Lonnie came alive

(I was rather tempted to buy a ticket to that new Steely Dan tour... even though it's only really Donald Fagen now... until I realised I'd have to take out a second mortgage to do so.)

Three hun-dred SIXTY FIVE de-grees
Burning down the house!

Finally, C resorted to the excellent tactic of "if all else fails, try Bowie" with 1984...

I'm looking for the treason that I knew in '65...

All great suggestions, but I have to give this week's prize to Rigid Digit for choosing my favourite song by (possibly - it's looking increasingly likely) my artist of the decade, someone who persuaded me (despite serious lack of funds) to buy my first gig ticket of the year last week...

So go ahead and love me while it's still a crime
And don't forget you could be laughing
65% more of the time
You could be laughing
63% more of the time
You could be laughing
25% more of the time

RD says, "I love the fact he goes into exponential regression at the end. Plus it gives me two more lyrical entries for future submissions."

And believe me, I love this song so much... it could well crop up again.

Next week: the $64,000 question will be... do I have to go Ringo? Or can I dodge that aging bullet? You may be able to help...


  1. You could always swerve the obvious by featuring 'Back in '64' by The Rutles, or avoid it altogether by going for '64 Bits & Malachite' by Baloji.

  2. There's a lot of bang-average country, rap and Americana that all seems to reference cars from '64. I'm not going to pitch them all. Or any.

    Instead, one you probably do have in your collection: Saturn 5 by The Inspiral Carpets, which opens with the line "Lady, take a ride on a Zeke '64".

    And another that will be in your collection, The Way It Is by Bruce Horsnby and The Range, which reminds us that "they passed a law in '64 to give those who ain't got a little more".

    Oh, and cheers for the crossword plug. So far I think it's just you and C having a go...

  3. I'll go for the obvious, but will add factoid or two. Paul McCartney put lyrics to the music for the song later, in honour of his father's 64th birthday. Paul also split with Heather Mills when he was 64 so the answer was, no, she definitely wouldn't still be sending him a Valentine.

    Also, as we all know, two of the Beatles sadly didn't make it to 64.

  4. I was also thinking of seeing The Dan live for the first time, but without Walter, it wouldn't be the same.

    As for number 64...

    Kate Campbell has a song called "Trains Don't Run from Nashville" which has the the lyric: "Momma waved goodbye to Daddy as he went off to war
    She stood right here crying back in '64
    And now it's me that stands here all alone on this old platform
    And the trains don't run from Nashville anymore..."

    She also wrote the wonderfully titled "When Panthers Roamed In Arkansas" which you can find on Youtube. A much underrated singer/somgwriter.

  5. The brilliant MJ Hibbett Hey Hey 64K, will also being posting Hey Hey 16k in almost a years time :-)

  6. Rutles ... Gone
    Beatles ... avoid (too obvious?)

    Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is

    "Well they passed a law in 64
    To give those who ain't got a little more
    But it only goes so far"


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