Monday, 22 June 2020

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #52: Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day, and this is the card Sam got me, along with the new Jason Isbell CD (which I asked for) and a KitKat made into a superhero (with a cape and face stuck on) which meant the most.

I don't know how I feel about Father's Day, but then I don't know how I feel about anything these days. Sam and I spent some nice time together, went on a long walk, played some games, watched a dreadful film that we ended up switching off because everyone thought it was pants (Artemis Fowl - don't bother, even if you have young children who enjoyed the books).

But... I worry. I worry that I'm not actually there the way I should be at the moment. I'm so tired all the time, so stressed, and I feel like I'm watching the world through a murky filter. I hope, Sam, if and when you read this back in many years to come, you don't remember your old dad like Frank Turner remembers his...

You always told me Father’s Day was just another way
Of selling Hallmark greeting cards
Twenty Years of waking sleep, of lying through your teeth,
Meant every Father’s Day spent wondering who the hell you are.


  1. "I'm not actually there the way I should be at the moment" - if it helps, you're not the only dad who is feeling exactly this way at the moment.

  2. Take heart Rol given that you boy this you're aa amazing dad and you've got the card and the Kit Kat to prove it

  3. "Watching the world through a murky" - yup. join the club.
    There seems to be a shared malaise around at the moment

  4. Yep, know what you mean. Stick in there.


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