Monday, 18 October 2021

2021 Contenders... Forty Years Late

Back in the early 80s, New York power poppers Sorrows (no The, so as not to be confused with the 60s Merseyband band that used the same name complete with definite article) looked tipped for big things. Their debut record Teenage Heartbreak had set them on the right track, and the record company had high hopes for the follow up, Love Too Late.

But it all went wrong when they were assigned a producer from the 60s who drafted in session musicians and layered the album with trendy synths. The band hated the resulting record and so did the fans. And that was the end of Sorrows.

Until now.

Forty years later, three members of the original band drafted in a new drummer and re-recorded the album from scratch, the way they'd always intended it to sound. And it sounds great. They've even made a documentary telling the full story of the record. 

Check out the full album on bandcamp. I bet Brian will love it!


  1. How great is that, to do it the way they'd always wanted 40 years later! Plus I'm sold on the cover art - always sold on any imagery of someone with a bird on their shoulder (it once happened to me with a bluetit!)
    There are parts of this song which remind me of later Beatles in the melody and approach - not sure what you'll make of that comparison!

    1. I definitely think this is the most Beatlesy track on the album. It has that epic quality of Hey Jude or All You Need...

  2. You sure have me pegged. Ordered.


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