Saturday, 23 October 2021

Saturday Snapshots #212

Paul Rudd's tiny camera welcomes us to another edition of Saturday Snapshots. Hopefully you won't have to shrink down to the size of an ant to examine these clues in microscopic detail... just work out the artists below and what might connect their songs.

10. Wilson & McDonald.

9. Davina, Holly, Dermot.

8. What if Emma & Richard were identical?

7. A wee riddle, and jailhouse singer.

6. George C. Scott & Joanne Woodward.

5. Is Len nine?

4. Tearjerkers.

3. Piano slum.

2. Supporters of angst, kicks and wasteland.

1. Mafia boss is spotless host.

Antswers tomorrow!


  1. 10. Brian (Wilson)and Michael (McDonald)

  2. 8. Thompson Twins
    5. Neil Innes/Bonzos

  3. Think I've worked out the link from 1 and 10 but it could be a coincidence, as I'm no old master at this game.

    1. In that case C should be around for this one

    2. I think I have it too - clues 1 and 10 did it for me. Having such a gallery of pictures helps...

    3. Worked out the Paul Simon song but not many of the others - Will be interesting.


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