Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Cnut Songs #8: Mask Me

I returned to The Bad Place this week, to work out the last two weeks of my notice before starting my new job. In the four weeks I've been away, quite a lot has changed (they've moved further towards Hell in a Handbasket), but I'm past caring about any of that now and feel more like an impartial observer at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

One thing I did notice though was how few people are still wearing masks in the college building. Before my sick leave, they were enforcing that pretty rigidly and all staff were wearing masks in the wider building, only removing them in offices and classrooms. They were also encouraging students to do the same. Now, hardly any students are masked anymore and a lot of staff seem to have given up bothering to.

This reflects a wider trend in society. I'd say it's down to about 50/50 in the local supermarket between mask wearers and unmasked types, but a lot of shops I've been in lately, nobody has been masked... except me. All this despite rising covid numbers and some creepy new variants.

But there's another reason I don't want to give up my mask: I like it! In fact, I've grown to love it. I find it a tremendous comfort when I'm out and about, not because of covid fears, but just because I can mutter and mumble away to my heart's content behind that mask... grimace or sneer or even stick my tongue out at the undesirables we encounter every day, feeling much more secure that they can't see what I'm thinking or hear what I'm mumbling. Can't we just keep wearing masks forever? Please?

In case you haven't heard it yet, Wet Leg are back with a follow up to my Single of the Year. And while the follow-up isn't quite as stop-you-in-your-tracks amazing as Chaise Longue (what could be?), it certainly confirms this band as way more than just one hit wonders.

"Baby, do you want to comе home with me?
I've got Buffalo '66 on DVD"

That line alone had me sold. And the video's just as good as the last one...


  1. Great fun video. Thanks for cheering me up.

  2. I think I like that one more then Chaise Longue.
    Eagerly waiting on a full album now

  3. Masks by and large still being worn up here

  4. That's good - I love how surreal they are.
    Noticed a lack of masks round here too and our case rates are rising rapidly. I have to admit I hate wearing one because I get all hot and bothered in it and it makes my nose run! - but I still do it - it seems a small sacrifice to make. Mr SDS on the other hand feels much like you and wants to wear one forever!


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