Sunday, 24 October 2021

Snapshots #212: A Top Ten Songs About Famous Painters

All yesterday's songs were about famous artists. Let me paint you a picture of the answers...

Special mention must go to the amazing Jonathan Richman who has written more songs about famous artists than anyone else. But he's featured here recently, and I'm running out of clues that link back to him...

Jonathan Richman - Pablo Picasso

Jonathan Richman - No One Was Like Vermeer

Jonathan Richman - Salvador Dali

Jonathan Richman - Vincent Van Gogh

10. Wilson & McDonald.

Brian Wilson & Michael McDonald!

A song about L.S. Lowry...

Brian & Michael - Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs

9. Davina, Holly, Dermot.

They're all Television Personalities.

And these guys love artists almost as much as Jonathan Richman...

Television Personalities - Salvador Dali's Garden Party

Television Personalities - David Hockney's Diaries

Television Personalities - Lichtenstein Painting

8. What if Emma & Richard were identical?

Emma Thompson & Richard Thompson are not twins.

The Thompson Twins - Salvador Dali's Car

7. A wee riddle, and jailhouse singer.

A Jimmy Riddle, and Webb Pierce (who sang In The Jailhouse Now).

Jimmy Webb - Paul Gauguin In The South Seas

6. George C. Scott & Joanne Woodward.

George C. Scott & Joanne Woodward appeared together in the film They Might Be Giants.

They Might Be Giants - Meet James Ensor 

5. Is Len nine?


Neil Innes - I Like C├ęzanne

4. Tearjerkers.

The Weepies - Painting By Chagall

3. Piano slum.


Paul Simon - Rene and Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the War

2. Supporters of angst, kicks and wasteland.

Fans of teenage angst, teenage kicks and the teenage wasteland...

Teenage Fanclub - Escher

1. Mafia boss is spotless host.

The Don is a clean M.C.

No need to be a moaner, Lisa... Snapshots will be back next Saturday. Don't cut your ear off before then.


  1. I saw this and I thought of you…

  2. I was wondering why Jonathan Richman wasn't one of the clues.Now I know why!

  3. This just proved how shockingly poor my knowledge of famous artist themed songs is! Love the Mona Lisa pic above.

    1. Took me quite a while to come up with them, after the obvious ones and Jonathan Richman.


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