Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Celebrity Jukebox #57: Kirstie Alley

December is always a busy month for celebrity deaths, and just a couple of days after Christine McVie, I was saddened to hear about Kirstie Alley losing her battle against cancer at just 71. I was a huge Cheers fan when I was a teenager and although I enjoyed the on again / off again chaos of the Sam & Diane romance, it was clear it’d run its course by the time Shelley Long left the show. Kirstie Alley breathed new life into Cheers, and although there was a brief fling with Sam, the show became about more than just Sam Malone’s love life, and was better for it.

Kirstie also appeared in the Look Who’s Talking films, Star Trek II (the best Star Trek movie, apart from the one with the whales), among many other roles. I was surprised by how many times she pops up in songs though. Here’s a sampling, minus all the inappropriate (or just plain rude) rap lyrics…

Let’s start with Prince. I’d always start with Prince, given the opportunity. Kirstie makes a guest appearance on Prince’s 14th album, Love Symbol, playing Vanessa Bartholomew on the short link track below…

Prince – Segue (Track 6)

Effectively that’s the intro to the rather cool reggae-flavoured track that follows…

Prince – Blue Light

The Lovely Eggs are Lancaster husband & wife, David Lancaster & Holly Ross. I was a big fan of Holly’s previous band, Angelica. Here they place Kirstie among a short list of their favourite Alis and Alleys…

The Lovely Eggs – Muhammad Ali & All His Friends

Dr. Ali
Chemical Ali
Kevin Ali
Bowling alley
Kirstie Alley
Muhammad Ali

Fault Lines are described as “Nu Metalcore”, but don’t let that put you off. They sound like Garbage to me. (And by that, I don’t mean they’re rubbish.) Can’t really work out why they named this song after Ms. Alley, but clearly they’ve got nothing to lose…

Fault Lines – Kirstie Alley

Bethlehem Steel come from Brooklyn, and they’re a bit grungy. Again, no idea why they chose this song title.

Bethlehem Steel – Kirstie Alley

Only Sound are a bluesy rock band from Missouri. Here’s their punny contribution…

Only Sound – Kirstie Alley Cat

Meanwhile, Folk Soul Revival were named Band of the Year by the Virginia Tourism Corporation in 2011. What finer recommendation?

Folk Soul Revival – Kirsty Alley Ate My Shoe

Today’s winner comes from Canadian rock band Addicts of Affliction, who also do a pretty good cover of Chris De Burgh’s Lady In Red. Well, it’s less annoying than the original. The track below was recorded as the theme tune of a reality TV show Kirstie appeared in dealing with her fight to lose weight.

Addicts of Affliction – Only Kirstie Alley

Yeah, you played Rebecca Howe
That was then and this is now
To me you’ll always be
Kirstie Alley


  1. RIP Saavik.

    I kind of hope that somewhere in the world there's a lane, ginnel or snicket called Kirstie Alley....

  2. I'm also surprised at how many songs she crops up in! Fondly remembered from Cheers and Star Trek.

  3. She had really good hair. She also did well to take on the lead 'girl' role in Cheers after the Diane saga. Another one in their early 70s gone too soon. RIP Kirstie Alley.

  4. Thanks, Rol. It didn't get mentioned in any of the obits, but I also remember Kirstie Alley from 1988 film Deadly Pursuit, with Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger. Whilst she had a leading role, it (inevitably?) didn't make the most of the character or Alley's skills. Tons better than Look Who's Talking (any of them) though. I thought Cheers was better when she joined the cast. RIP Kirstie.

    In more sad news, Jet Black of The Stranglers passed on Tuesday.


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