Sunday, 4 December 2022

Snapshots #269: A Top Ten Growing Up Songs

I'm too excited by the new Indiana Jones trailer to write a proper introduction this morning.

Some of us will never grow up...

10. A Spider, sounds like he’s got a Death Wish.

A Spider from Mars, who sounds a bit like (Charles) Bronson.

Mick Ronson - Growing Up And I'm Fine

9. Dylan is an Idol in towns with a rose between them.

Billy Idol and Bob Dylan; a rose between two thorns...

Billy Bob Thornton - I Gotta Grow Up

8. Sick nun.

Twisted Sister - I'll Never Grow Up

7. Good ol' boys.

Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson - Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

6. Exciting to a Monster Muppet.

Cookie Monster!

The Cookies ~ Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys

5. The jets are down.

The Blue Aeroplanes - Growing Up, Growing Down

4. What a waste!

Garbage - When I Grow Up

3. Found floating off Brighton, Bondi and Miami.

Bouys floating in the sea off three famous beaches.

The Beach Boys - When I Grow Up To Be A Man

2. Cram one sugarcube inside.

Cram one sugarcube inside.

The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Grow Up

1.  2 Bs become 1.

The above picture might look like Harry Styles... but it's actually a computerised merging of the two photos below...

Because here's a song they both recorded. Written by Bruce, recorded not long after by Bowie... though his version wasn't released until the 90s.

If you promise not to grow up between now and next Saturday, Snapshots will return...


  1. Excellent, you really pushed us with that one, Rol, even tougher than Only Connect.
    I love how Bowie + Springsteen = Styles. Hmm, is there something we don't know? (Just forgetting biology for a moment)

    1. It's weird, C, I never know how tough they're going to be. In my head, that was quite any easy one. Other times, when I think they'll test you, every answer is gone by 9am.


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