Tuesday 24 May 2022

Mid-Life Crisis Songs 83: Amy, Amy, Amy

(With apologies to Charity Chic for stealing one of his titles.)

When it comes to chronicling love, relationships and sex with honesty and wit, there are few songwriters who are even fit to stand on the same stage as Amy Rigby. Especially when it comes to writing about such things from a post teen or 20-something perspective. 

Here she is describing dating for people who have been round that particular block a few too many times...

Come on and hold me
What are you waiting for?
You can't break a heart
That doesn't work no more

Here she is struggling to deal with the fact that she actually likes her ex-husband's new wife...

How can I pick up where she never left off?
We're like a club of two who've seen him with his clothes off
And there's nowhere to hide because it's all out in the light
Can I help if I'm a little bit uptight?
I must admit I don't know how I'm supposed to act
She's hugging me instead of stabbing my back...

And here she is lamenting that there's no time for fooling around with her other half anymore because of the relentless pressures of day to day life... 

Life's become a great big list
Of things to do and buy and fix
At night we pass out before ten
Are we ever gonna have sex again?

I can't help but think that would have been a massive hit if it'd ever got played on the radio...


  1. Fantastic. I always enjoy her stuff when I hear it, but never get around to digging deeper - I really must address that. 'Are we ever gonna have sex again?' is particularly marvellous.

  2. No need for apologies.Any excuse to listen to Ms Rugby is welcomed.

  3. Really enjoy her blog too. Great lyrics.


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