Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Neverending Top Ten #5.0: Bloody Football

For the past eight months, I have stood on the sidelines at Sam's football matches in the rain, hail and snow. At junior league grounds that all appear to have been built on top of a mountain, so high up that the rain falls upwards and pelts the underside of your chin. And the wind: the icy, frostbitten wind... don't start me on the wind. Not to even mention those sub-zero Tuesday night training sessions... I drive home unable to feel my fingers on the steering wheel.

But now Spring has sprung, everything is in bloom, and actually, I quite fancy standing out in the sunshine and feeling the warm breeze ruffle my hair, watching the sun set and...

What's that? The season's over? No more matches? No more training? Till September?

What idiot came up with the football calendar in the first place, and was he a masochist or what?

This would be appropriate, if things were the other way around...


  1. Laughed out loud at the concept of being so high up that the rain pelts the underside of your chin.

  2. Seasons in the Sun is never appropriate!

  3. Ah Seasons in the Sun - I disagree with Lynchie!

    You've had to get involved late in life - growing up in Scotland, anyone involved in the world would have become acclimatised to the winter season at a very young age. Why we all have a blue tinge to our skin until summer comes.

  4. It's the same over here, brother. Insane scheduling.


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