Sunday, 1 May 2022

Snapshots #238: A Top Ten Songs About Germany

You really didn't need the extra clue of Marlene Dietrich yesterday, did you? So you definitely won't need Claudia Schiffer, above. Still, they are both famous Germans. And here are ten (some famous, some not so) songs about Germany. Das ist gut!

10. Car-phones.

The Mobiles - Drowning In Berlin

9. Man in hospital, sometimes mistaken for doctor.

The Male Nurse - A German Sleeps In My Bed

8. Merry Hit CD.


Mitch Ryder - Berlin

7. Lecherous and Butch.

Randy & Paul Newman (Butch Cassidy).

Randy Newman - In Germany Before The War

6. Binman cab.


Ian McNabb - German Soldier's Helmet Circa 1943 

5. Siblings of the silo.

The Cornshed Sisters - Dresden

4. Brokers.

The Go-Betweens - German Farmhouse

3. Fruit favoured by Christ.

The Passion(Fruit) of the Christ?

The Passions - I'm In Love With A German Film Star

2. Used to get lots of letters from readers.

Editors - Munich

1. In December, Linda scores two points.

Berlin the band with a song that mentions Berlin the city. Zwei punkte.

More Snapshots next week? Jawohl!


  1. That was a hard one!
    Kicking myself for not getting the Passions, though. Mr SDS' band supported them once! No musical connection whatsoever though, just that they were playing the local venue. But I do remember they were very good.

  2. Can’t believe I didn’t get Ian McNabb. Sad. This is Brian. Will follow Alyson’s advice about becoming more than anonymous.


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