Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #81: Contender

Martin turned me onto this guy a few weeks back. After hearing one track on New Amusements, I ordered the album. I listened to it in the car for the first time yesterday. Twice. 

Usually when I hear a new record, I give it a few spins before I decide which tracks to feature here, and what I want to say about it. But I was so knocked out by this "Pound Shop Paul Simon", I felt I could easily have written a post about half the songs on the album. Then I flicked back to Martin's post and noticed he'd said the same.

The album has some corkers on it, so you might see more Osborn-related posts in the near future.

With that in mind, I've got to get in quick with this one, because - while I never wanted to be a rock n roll star, just a writer - it could well be the story of my life.

But there’s got to be something much better than this
Should’ve been someone’s choice on Desert Island discs
Ah but I was too scared to take too many risks
And I could’ve been a contender

Always wanted to be on the Top of the Pops
Now I order CDs from all the online shops
The most joy that I get is from opening the box
And I could’ve been a contender

In the rain at my son’s game on Sundays
Stand with other Dads, getting drenched
They shout ‘”GET STUCK IN”, I say “Football’s the winner!”
I’ve lost my competitive edge

More on this guy soon. Unless Martin beats me to it.

Meantime, here's a line from another of his songs...

And I make records, but I can’t seem to sell them

Why not go prove him wrong by buying his record here?


  1. Ha, I nearly posted Contender for similar reasons of identifying strongly with the theme.

    It's a good album, isn't it, and not his first either. As well as all the good stuff on his Bandcamp page, his earlier work is on Soundcloud. I always recommend Left Side From My Right as a good starting point, in which Gavin basically acknowledges his debt to Billy Bragg with a Great Leap Forwards clone.

  2. I’m sure 99.9% of us feel like this but I can see how those lyrics would really resonate with you.

    A fine new discovery for both you and Martin.


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