Thursday, 18 August 2022

2022 Contenders: Stick Season

Whenever I profess to liking the music of a youngster under the age of 30, I worry they might become popular, like Ed Sheeran popular, sell out, and then I'll have to delete all trace of my ever having been interested in them from the interweb.

25 year old Noah Kahan is from Vermont and makes "folk-infused pop" which already sounds a bit dodgy, and then I read his bio, which was either written by a pretentious Millennial arse from his record company or else it was written in Swedish and then translated into English via Google translate for a laugh...

"As Noah Kahan changes, he casts those experiences onto songs like light through a film projector. At the core of the music’s upbeat energy and unfiltered lyrics, you’ll hear who he was before and who he became—almost in real-time..."

I'll spare you the rest. I'm just hoping Noah didn't pen that himself.

So far, so not very inspiring. 


Damn it if Stick Season, his latest track, isn't the best thing I've heard this week. I've no idea what it's about, but I'm digging the vibe, man.

Now I am stuck between my anger
And the blame that I can't face
And memories are something
Even smoking weed does not replace
And I am terrified of weather 'cause I see you when it rains
Doc told me to travel, but there's COVID on the planes

And I love Vermont, but it's the season of the sticks and I
Saw your mom she forgot that I existed and
It's half my fault, but I just like to play the victim
I'll drink alcohol 'til my friends come home for Christmas
And I'll dream each night of some version of you
That I might not have, but I did not lose
Now you're tyre tracks and one pair of shoes
And I'm split in half, but that'll have to do, ooh, ooh


  1. Plaintive and interesting. Love the rhyming of sticks and exist(ed)

    1. Glad you found it interesting, Lynchie. I can't get past the Covid line, it keeps sticking in my head. I know it's the kind of thing that dates the song immediately, but I like that.


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