Friday, 5 August 2022

Celebrity Jukebox #18: Hayley Mills

Many child stars grow up to obscurity, but Hayley Mills somehow survived her Disney rites of passage to become a respected actress, if never quite a superstar. Apparently she lost 90% of her Disney money to the taxman, so she probably had to keep reinventing herself just to survive. Those 80s Parent Trap sequels probably helped the bank balance, and let's not forget The Flame Trees Of Thika.

A singing career goes hand in hand with Disney stardom, even back in the 60s. Hayley recorded quite a few tunes, though only one of them ever troubled the UK charts...

What of her wider impact on pop then?

(Well, I already mentioned her son last week.)

Calling your band The 1990s might seem like a really clever idea in 2007, but it makes you impossible to google search, and I had no hope of finding a link to the only song I know that's named after Hayley Mills (I'm pretty sure it was a b-side too). I don't know how this ended up in my hard-drive, but I uploaded it in case you're at all interested... 

On safer ground, I'm pleased to report that Hayley pops up on the latest Half Man Half Biscuit album. I'm surprised it took me this long to link to the lyrical genius of Nigel Blackwell on this series, but it's safe to say it won't be the last time he makes an appearance here...

Well, now who’d have thought we’d both end up in here?
So close, yet so nowhere near
Hayley Mills, Daniel Boone
Me Tarzan, you June
Even now as both our ends are nigh
I’d surely kill to have a second try

Meanwhile, here's the nicest pop star I ever met in real life (I'm contractually obliged to mention that every time I post a song by him), from his most recent offering, 2017's Woodland Echoes.

She became Hayley Mills
I became Alan Bates
Born to be Ealing greats
Make mistakes

However. Today's winner was clear from the outset. One of Saint Paddy's finest tunes...

Ooh, Johnny Johnny Johnny, 
Why don't you join the foreign legion?
Ooh, Johnny Johnny Johnny 
You're still in love with Hayley Mills

Life's not complete till your heart's missed a beat. And this song always has that effect on me...


  1. Quality. I have an affinity for every artist featured here today.

  2. Yes, although I of course have never heard any of these songs before, I really enjoyed this instalment of the CJ. (Alyson)

  3. No Top Ten list of the greatest singles ever released would be complete without Johnny Johnny.


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