Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Hot 100 Countdown #85

No, I've no idea what the record above is, but it's got an 85 in the title so its appropriate this week as our numerical countdown of songs reaches... erm, the year I became a teenager.

Sadly, I'm still trying to keep away from year songs unless absolutely desperate... otherwise this would be a clear winner:

Bowling For Soup - 1985

(A long time ago, on a previous blog, I posted a Top Ten which featured a Bowling For Soup song. When I posted the link on twitter... as I used to do but can't be bothered doing any more... the lead singer from BFS responded to my tweet asking which his band wasn't #1 in the Top Ten. I replied that if I ever did a Top Ten 1985 Songs, they would be Number One. At the time, I didn't realise their version was a cover... but he liked my response anyway. I feel like I should call Shaun Keaveny's Small Claims Court with that story one day.)

Anyway, I'll let Rigid Digit tell you about this week's most popular suggestion...

The Bay City Rollers - when Les McKeown left, and Tam Paton was "relieved of his duties", the Tartan Terrors shortened their name to the toughr sounding The Rollers, played their own instruments, and changed their sound from teenyboppop to a slightly tougher new wave-y sounding style.
No success followed.
What's that got to do with 85?
Their second album with abbreviated name (called Voxx) contained the song 85
He adds...

(a possible first mention for this band?)


(I've got it on a ropy compilation, but can't find it on t'interweb)

Me neither. So I'll have to take your... and Alyson's... word over its greatness.

Other than that, only Chris had any suggestions to offer, two of which I will ignore... because the third is this week's winner! Last week we had 86 TVs, this week it's 85 Videos by dreamy Danish indie band Mew. Quite lovely it is too...

Next week: 84. Nothing Orwellian allowed. I bet one of you will guess the winner though... I think it may well have featured his quite recently.


  1. I doubt I'll be the only one who finds that album cover disturbing.

  2. I've got '1984' by Bowie, but as nothing Orwellian is allowed, you'd best pretend I didn't say that.

  3. And 1984 by Spirit...which I believe was about a future TV reality show where contestants live together in a house with cameras on them all the time?

  4. Needed some help to come up with something and although there seems to be quite a lot of songs out there called 84, the one I warm to most is Eighty-Four by Irish band The Strypes.

  5. Ah, a lightbulb moment (possibly) - I'm sure I remember you featuring the Beautiful South 'When I'm 84' in your mid-life crisis series.... could that be the one?

  6. Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) is probably too Orwellian

  7. From when they were still good:
    Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)

    1985 and Don't You Forget About Me stopped all that as they went in search of the Yankee Dollar, and stopped being interesting


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