Monday, 14 May 2018

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #25: "A one night rebellion that ends up just being a drag"

Here's a proper mid-life crisis song for you: existential angst at its best, courtesy of the late, lamented (they broke up a couple of years ago after 22 years of thoughtful indie-Americana) Richmond Fontaine. Brace yourself...

For once I didn’t go home after shift
I called my wife and said I’d be late
Every day it gets harder to go home
I rode with a guy from work named Ronnie
I'd never been to his house before
His wife was high, on the couch watching TV
Their kids were fighting in the yard so we got out of there
We drove to a strip bar called Mary’s but the girls there are so young
And who am I? Just a middle aged man, I’m who they hate
Ronnie went to the front and sat at the line so I left him there
I bought a bottle and I didn’t call home, I didn’t go home

A night in the city
The city at night

I got sick behind a car, slept against a bank wall
Ate at Annie’s Donuts and made it to work on time
Is this all there is? Is this what life is?
A job that means nothing
A woman who sleeps right next you but she ain’t yours at all
A one night rebellion that ends up just being a drag
Like a weight around your feet that ain’t heavy enough to send you down
I remember in the back of a bar called the Blue Sea
My wife sitting on my lap whispering, “You and me, only you and me”

A night in the city
The city at night


  1. Well, I braced myself, but still feel really down after listening to this. Thanks for sharing!


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