Sunday, 6 May 2018

Saturday Snapshots #31 - The Answers

Cheer up, sleepy Jean - it's time for this week's answers.

I think we can all agree that Rigid Digit takes the prize this week, claiming 4 and a half points early on. Charity Chic got 2 and half. C got 2. Lynchie took the last point. Alyson and Chris snoozed and losed.

Let's stop monkeeing about and get on with the solutions...

10. Wife-swapping Bowie song exercises with a hula hoop.

The Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy Hippy Shake

9. Get Michael Caine's mini - it's about to topple over! The police have lost their magic.

Michael Caine was Carter (Get Carter). If his car was about to topple over, it would be a Car-lean. The Police sung Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Lose the magic and...

Carlene Carter - Every Little Thing

8. Woody Allen's train track leads us to Reservoir Dogs.

This one you should have got just from the picture.

Woody Allen had a film called Sleeper which is also part of a train track. Reservoir Dogs featured Nice Guy Eddie.

Sleeper - Nice Guy Eddie

7. Jogging naked in a Lancashire town.

Johnny Preston - Running Bear

6. Chill and smile. This Scottish copper has a hairy inside.

Bobby Mc-Fur-In. Get it?

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry, Be Happy

5. Stereophonic or astronomer? Breathe easy.

Kelly Jones is in the Stereophonics. If he was an astronomer...

Air - Kelly Watch The Stars

4. The scarlet woman of Troy finds a Stones' girl child.

Helen Reddy - Angie Baby

One of the spookiest records ever made.

3. Nicky gets manic as Big John escapes the shaft.

Nicky Wire from the Manics. Big John was a miner who got trapped underground saving lives.

Wire - Outdoor Miner

2. Mariah's lost me. My love is a tramp's bottom.

Mariah without me (I) is just Marah.

Marah - My Heart Is The Bums On The Streets

1. Stone or Osbourne? What comes first? It's a gift.

Sharon + A (the first letter). If you've got a gift, you've got the knack.

Have yourself a Pleasant Valley Sunday... I'll see you next week.


  1. Not to be ungrateful or anything, but I posted the answer to Number 4 less than a nanosecond after C and feel I deserve half...or maybe a quarter of a point for that one.

    I know C's answer is timed at 9.25 and mine at 9.26 but I can honestly say that C's answer was not visible on the page when I posted my answer.

    Just sayin, like...

  2. Thanks as always, Rol - can't believe how quickly all the answers were snapped up. Gram, I know the feeling re. the timing, we were undoubtedly typing it at the same time. That Rol is very strict, though....

  3. I may have "snoozed and losed" but still fun to play along before scrolling down to the answers. Would have got a few points anyway. From experience, as C says, it's all in the timing of who presses publish first!

    Great pic of Davy Jones at the top - Wonder when you're going to run out of "famous music stars with their camera" shots - Not for some time hopefully.

  4. I'm now waking up on Saturday mornings and saying "Quick, get to Saturday Snapshots first". It is strangely addictive.
    Everyone needs a hobby


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