Monday, 21 May 2018

Mid-Life Crisis Songs #26: I'm The Same Age That My Father Was...

...When I First Thought He Was Old.

I owe this particular Mid-Life Crisis tune to Rigid Digit, who recently recommended the album it hails from (along with 9 far more familiar offerings) as one if his Top Ten Albums, calling it "a bible for the Grumpy Middle Aged Man". Well, obviously I had to investigate immediately... and I'm glad I did. Suffice it to sat I'll definitely be returning later to nominate the former Christians frontman for a Grumpy Old Man post of his own, but in the meantime this particular tunes hits the old Mid-Life Crisis right where it hurts.

As mentioned here quite recently, I was 42 when I became a father... the same age my dad was when I was born. I'm not sure when I realised that my parents were older than most of my friends' mums and dads, but it did hit me when I was quite young and I remember sobbing at the thought of losing them because "they are so old". I consider myself blessed to have reached the age I am now and still have both of them around to enjoy their final grandchild. But the clock is ticking... for all of us.

Make the most of what time you have...

26. Henry Priestman - Old

I don't want to work my fingers to the bone
Me, I'd rather drink wine with you back at home
I don't want to think about what car the neighbours bought
I'm happy just to sit here laughin' on the porch
And I don't really care what they got over there

I tried to run a mile today, I maybe should have walked
My head had the ambition but my body was all talk
And while I'm trying to make some sense of it, the laughter takes a hold
I'm the same age that my father was when I first thought he was old

1 comment:

  1. Glad you liked it.
    And while I'm in recommendation mode, Henry's sometime musical partner Loved Up Les Glover produces another toon that may fit the Mid Life Crisis series.
    Men Of A Certain Age


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