Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Hot 100 Countdown #86

Welcome back to my countdown of numerical songs, 100-1. We have reached #86.

"When used as a verb, eighty-six, eighty-sixed, 86, 86ed, or 86'd is American English slang for getting rid of something, ejecting someone, or refusing service." So says Iffypedia, and Alyson, who offered up from her bookshelf...

Subcircus - 86'd 

Why Alyson keeps her records on her bookshelf is anybody's guess, but fair play to her for reminding us of a Britpop band that even I'd forgotten (and Britpop was my heyday). This was their biggest hit though, reaching an incredible #56 in the UK singles chart... in the year that even Hurricane #1 managed to get into the Top 40 three times.

I did have an 86'd song in mind though...

Ty Segall - 86'd

Along with a couple more American alt-rock contenders...

Deathcab For Cutie - Expo '86

Bomb The Music Industry - Future 86

In the end though, this week came down to a toss-up between two songs, both of which were identified almost immediately by Martin. This was the first, from the excellent album Insomniac...

Green Day - 86

However, as Martin rightly stated, this is better...

(Martin, we could have used your input a couple of Saturdays ago when nobody guessed I Am Kloot due to my clue being bollocks... quite literally.)

Any ideas for 85?


  1. I always seem to miss the weeks that I know most answers for...

  2. 85 Videos by Mew is my guess. There's also an obscure folk-rock song called Number 85 by Post Provost. Will Young released a 2015 album called 85% Proof

  3. I don't have as big a music collection as you guys but I do have a lot of books (e.g. Guinness Book of Hit Singles). Decided against googling if stuck and headed to the bookshelves, but nothing this week I'm afraid.

  4. (a possible first mention for this band?)
    The Bay City Rollers - when Les McKeown left, and Tam Paton was "relieved of his duties", the Tartan Terrors shortened their name to the toughr sounding The Rollers, played their own instruments, and changed their sound from teenyboppop to a slightly tougher new wave-y sounding style.
    No success followed.
    What's that got to do with 85?
    Their second album with abbreviated name (called Voxx) contained the song 85

    (I've got it on a ropey compilation, but can't find it on t'interweb)

  5. Ha ha - The BCRs have been mentioned very recently elsewhere (as Rol knows) but they do indeed seem to have been airbrushed from musical history.


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