Monday, 7 May 2018


As I'm spending today at Lightwater Valley theme park... hell on earth on a hot Bank Holiday Monday if you ask me, but you do this sort of stuff when you have children... I've very little time to chat today.

Here's a tune for May Bank Holiday Monday anyway. Strictly speaking, the Beltane was always May 1st in Celtic and Pagan mythology, but Bank Holiday Monday is when we get the day off. Look, I'm not here to give you a history lesson, you can go do the research yourself.

Marc Bolan obviously had quite a thing for this particular festival: it crops up in Ride A White Swan too, and probably in a few more of his crazy, wizardy tunes too...

Trucking down by the roadside
Met a man with a starhide
He said boy wouldn't you like to look
But could it give me love
Give me little love from her heart

Bopping down by the whirlpool
I met a girl she was god's tool
I said girl wouldn't you like to rock
But could it give me love
Give me little love from god's heart

Walking down by the westwind
I met a boy he was my friend
I said boy we could sing it too
And we do
Give us love
Give us little love
Give us little love from your hearts

And then we'll walk.


  1. A great choice Rol. Enjoy your day at Lightwater Valley.

  2. Could be worse Rol - you could be working. Like me!


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