Sunday, 27 May 2018

Saturday Snapshots #34 - The Answers

Knowing Benny yesterday - knowing Frida today - AHA!

Sadly I couldn't find pictures of either Björn or Agnetha holding a camera, but feel free to send them my way if you have them.

Anyway, here's the answers from The Day Before You Came to see what they were... i.e. the day before today... i.e. yesterday. Sorry. I'm suffering a serious dose of Partridge this morning. I got a little worried yesterday morning because by 10am it looked like nobody had made any guesses... which led me to believe that either I'd made this week's SS way too hard... or you were all getting sick of it (or me). Then I realised that the guesses were in the comments - blogger just appears to have stopped sending comments to me. No idea why that is (probably some GDPR nonsense), but I hope they fix it soon.

Marks were spread between loads of people this week - by my calculations, Rigid Digit won with 3 1/2, narrowly beating Lynchie's 3. I'm giving Martin and C 1 1/2 marks each for their efforts on The Wannadies clue (Alyson gets a bonus "positivity" mark for deciphering the "had enough" clue as "satisfied" rather than "wannadie"). The Swede mopped up the rest with a respectable 2 1/2 - well done for getting Edward Ball!

So congratulations to RD: The Winner Takes It All!

10. When Michael met Sinatra, Jake & Elwood dealt the cards.

When Michael Jackson sees Frank Sinatra... we have Jackson C. Frank.

Jake & Elwood were the Blues Brothers.

Jackson C. Frank - Blues Run The Game

9. Dame Judi Dench shares our collective obsession.

Dame Judi was M in the James Bond movies.

Our collective obsession? Why are you doing this quiz? Because you love pop music.

M - Pop Muzik

8. The 5th (of 5) + the 3rd (of 8) = how we feel when we've had enough.

When you've had enough, you may Wannadie.

The 5th vowel is U. The third note on the scale is Mi.

Wannadies - You & Me Song

7. Genius hits the Irish Cream... and sets the turntables spinning.

Ray Charles was the Genius.

Bailey's make the Irish Cream.

Corinne Bailey-Rae - Put Your Records On

6. Pop's very dull boss begs for an extension.

Iggy Pop sang about The Chairman of the Bored.

Chairman of the Board - Give Me Just A Little More Time

5. Rambler in the Antarctic. O!

Captain Scott of the Antarctic.

Ramblers walk.

Jackie O!

Scott Walker - Jackie

4. A potato king throws a party in Barnet. We loathe ourselves for attending.

King Edwards are potatoes.

A party is a ball.

Barnet includes Mill Hill.

(Fool blows his chance for a date with Anna Friel in the video.)

Edward Ball - The Mill Hill Self-Hate Club

3. Barbie's perfect man joins Johnny on the late show to celebrate juggernauts.

Barbie's perfect man was the Ken doll.

Johnny Carson did the Late Show.

Kendel Carson - I Like Trucks (Big Trucks)

2. So angry, he kills giants and presidents with a perfect simile.

David killed Goliath.

Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.

They were both full of wrath.

David Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise

Yes his version of California Girls was duff, but I always liked this one - bought it on 7" too!

1. Brian's on the fence about wild horses in a Field.

Brian Wilson on a Pickett Fence...

Wild horses can be Mustangs.

Sally Field.

Easy when you know how, eh?

(Yeah, he does look like Eddie Murphy there.)

More in June.


  1. I've been having the same problem with comments

  2. Thanks for another quiz, quite the challenge. Really enjoyed the Jackson C. Frank song-new to me

  3. The addictive nature of Saturday Snapshots:
    Yesterday I was listening to a reggae/ska compilation and mused to myself - Prime competitor of The Beano, I presume, warns Miss Dando to keep an eye out for Lucifer

  4. Until recently I thought Wannadies was pronounced One-Addies.

    Thanks for the positivity point - The real answer was a lot more bleak.


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