Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Hot 100 Countdown #84

It took you quite a while to work out #84 on my countdown, even though I gave you a pretty big clue that the song had featured here quite recently. Luckily, C has a better memory than most, but first a few runners-up, starting with the Orwellian ones...

Charity Chic suggested...

Eurythmics - Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

The Swede offered...

David Bowie - 1984

C gave us...

Spirit - 1984

Sadly, nobody suggested...

Van Halen - 1984 (from the album of the same name... though to be fair, it is just a glorified introduction to Jump)

Alyson, meanwhile, ditched Orwell and came up with a perfectly decent offering I'd never heard before...

The Strypes - 84

Rigid Digit, on the other hand, offered a Simple Minds album that he might also be thinking of suggesting for the next three weeks. Let me save him the effort... no, thanks, RD.

All of which leaves us with this, which C remembered from back in November...

83? Your guess may be better than mine...


  1. I've got 'Magdalena 83' by Alan Vega from his 1981 LP 'Collision Drive'. The LP contains another version of the same song, entitled 'Magdalena 82', so I'm all sorted for next week as well.

  2. Nothing from me this week I'm afraid - These 80-somthings have been tough.

  3. 83, you say?

    Wafia, 83 days
    John Mayer, 83

    Don't really like either of those.

    Can I cheat and suggest Major Tom (Coming Home) by Peter Schilling, on the basis that (a) it was used as the theme for the excellent Deutschland 83 and (b) is actually quite good? No exceptions? Shame...

  4. (28 seconds long)

    Daft Punk - WDPK 83.7 FM

  5. "C has a better memory than most" - well, that's the only time I think I've ever heard, nor am ever likely to hear, that particular phrase. Thank you - I'll hold onto that. Erm, who are you again?

    As for 83, nothing springing to mind right now. Perhaps I'll remember something in the morning!


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