Saturday, 26 December 2020

Saturday Snapshots #169


That image seemed appropriate for Boxing Day.

The final Saturday Snapshots of 2020 will also be the final Snapshots in its current incarnation. After 169 weeks, I'm starting to run out of artists I haven't featured before, so a rethink was in order. The new Saturday Snapshots begins next week. There will still be Snapshots. There will still be clues. But there will also be another element that ties them all together. More on that next week. 

In the meantime... see what you can make of these...

10. Loud toilets.

9. Are you covered in cuts?

8. Sincere barrel, cheers.

7. No return once the volcano blows.

6. Tree-planting missionary riffing on peyote.

5. Auntie Fanny woofs at Mike Hammer's ma.

4. Stage school brats like Nick Hornby.

3. Contemporary poms get too close to the fire.

2. Former Cry partner sets up his own company to cause trouble.

1. Metal workers with inextinguishable candles.

Answers on the day after Boxing Day...



  1. 7. Eruption - One Way Ticket

  2. 4. Hi Fidelity - Kids From Fame (Doris Schwatz in the middle there and their teacher on the left - Loved that show)

  3. Thanks for playing, Alyson. I wondered if anybody would realise that today was Saturday!

  4. Everyone else having a lie in after overindulging yesterday? Hope you had a good one yourself.

    Saturday Snapshots been part of my weekend for over three years now so although I would miss it, understand you must have run out of artists. Thanks for putting it together every week, though all the madness. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  5. I feel I should leave the rest to those who just haven't dropped by yet, but one more, No. 1 - The Smiths. The guitarist was the giveaway and the chap with the blousy shirt.

    Will leave the song to someone else as by no means an expert.

  6. Just remembered it's Saturday!
    9 is Scars - All About You (and what a good choice!)

  7. 2 - Hues Corporation: Rock The Boat

    Hope you had a good, well-rested, well-fed, peaceful day yesterday. I'm off to eat more Twiglets now. Noooooooo!

  8. 8. E(a)rnest Tub(b) - don't know which song.

  9. 6. The Mescaleros - Johnny Appleseed (from Mrs. Brian)

  10. 5. Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom (Mike Hammer played by Stacy Keach - well-played, sir!) from Mrs. Brian

  11. 3. Modern English - I Melt with You

  12. Replies
    1. It has been a pleasure, sir. We have enjoyed working these out and are anxious to see what comes next.


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